Privacy Notice - Learners

How we use your personal information


We collect and hold personal information relating to you during our Application process and may also receive information about you from your previous school, local authority and/or the Department for Education (DfE).

We use this personal data to:

  • support your learning
  • monitor and report on your progress
  • provide appropriate pastoral care; and
  • assess the quality of our services

We collect the data to meet statutory obligations, to help protect the vital interests of our Learners and to perform contractual obligations for teaching and Learning purposes.

What information do we collect?

This information will include your contact details, national curriculum assessment results, attendance information, any exclusion information and where you go after you leave us. We also collect personal characteristics such as your ethnic group, any special educational needs you have as well as relevant medical information. For pupils enrolling for post 14 qualifications, the Learning Records Service will give us the unique learner number (ULN) and may also give us details about your learning or qualifications.

Who collects the information?

Information is collected by RWP staff who have had specific training in data handling and are aware of the requirements to treat personal data in a private and secure manner.

How is the information collected?

The information is collected primarily during our Application process via paper or electronic means. We may also collect data from the Learning Records Service relating to personal learning records for individuals over the age of 13.

Why do we collect the information?

We collect the information for academic purposes only to register Learners participation in a course of study and provide a valid certificate of achievement on its completion.

How do we store your information?

RWP stores information about Learners manually in secure filing cabinets and on RWP’s computer network and on web based services. Access to computerised data is restricted to you and appropriate staff, and is password protected

How will it be used?

The information is accessed only to support your learning. For this purpose, we may use personal data to contact Learners to inform them of new learning opportunities, specific events, open evenings and enrichment opportunities. We may also use the data to offer course enhancements that improve learning and employability.

RWP does not use any automated systems for decision making in relation to your eligibility for a course of study.

Who will your data be shared with?

The law requires us to pass on certain information about you to the local authority who have responsibilities in relation to the education or training of Learners under 19 years of age. We may also share certain personal data relating to Learners aged 16 and over with post-16 education and training providers in order to secure appropriate services for them.

We will not give information about you to anyone without your consent unless the law and our policies allow us to do so.

RWP is also required to provide Learner data to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) who are an executive agency of the Department for Education (DfE). The DfE may also share Learner level personal data that we supply to them, with third parties. This will only take place where legislation allows it to do so and it is in compliance with the GDPR.

For more information on now the ESFA use your data please refer to the following privacy notice -

We do not share or transfer your data with any other country.

We also share your information with other organisations that provide services to enhance your learning experience, in such instances RWP will have a strict data sharing agreement that protects the third parties use of your data.

What will be the effect of this data sharing on you?

There should be no effect on Learners other than to improve their learning experience, however RWP recognises the sensitivity of releasing information to third parties.

Decisions on whether DfE releases this personal data to third parties are subject to a robust approval process and are based on a detailed assessment of who is requesting the data, the purpose for which it is required, the level and sensitivity of data requested and the arrangements in place to store and handle the data. To be granted access to pupil level data, requestors must comply with strict terms and conditions covering the confidentiality and handling of data, security arrangements and retention and use of the data.

For more information on how this sharing process works, please visit:

For information on which third party organisations (and for which project) pupil level data has been provided to, please visit:

Will sharing the data in this way cause you to object or complain?

We pass information on only for the benefit of your learning, we do not pass on information to third parties for the marketing of goods or other paid for services.

How long do we keep your records?

We retain Learner records for a maximum of 10 years with the exception of ESF funded courses which are retained until 31st December 2030

We retain records only for the benefit of Learners, funding obligations and records of learning.

Your rights in relation to the data we hold?

Subject Access Request (SAR) – you may request copies of all the information RWP stores relating to you including details relating to the rights of data subjects. For initial queries RWP does not charge a fee for SAR requests however further fees may apply under certain circumstances.

We will provide the data requested within 30 days of the request.

Right to correct data – you may ask for data held by RWP to be corrected where applicable

Right to erasure (the right to be forgotten) – you may request RWP to delete all information relating to you where the data is no longer needed for its original purpose.

Right to restrict processing – you may request that the information we store is strictly limited in use to the sole purpose of continuing or completing their course of study. In this circumstance we will not pass on any information to third parties other than the statutory bodies described in this document

Right to data portability – you may ask to receive a copy of all information held by RWP in a common format to allow transfer to another organisation.

Right to object – you may object to our use of their data on certain grounds.

Right to complain – you have the right to complain if RWP has used your data in a manner that has infringed your rights. This can be directly to RWP in which case we will do all we can to satisfy the complaint, alternatively a complaint can be made directly to the Information Commissioners Office.

To exercise any of these rights please contact the ‘Data Controller’ in writing using the address at the end of this document.

To raise a concern with the Information Commissioners Office please access the following web page -

Our legal right to process your data?

We use your data for specific purposes, for a list of the processes involved and our legal right to process your data please see - GDPR Appendix 7 - Legal Basis for Processing Data

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