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Application - Hints & Tips

Things to have ready before you begin:-

  • Full name (Have you changed your name by deed poll? What is your correct first name? (e.g. Name Harold but known by Harry)

  • Full address and postcode.

  • Telephone number(s) & email address, once your application has been received we will be sending any further correspondence via email, so please ensure you can access your email address and do so on a regular basis.

  • National Insurance number (if known, anyone over 16 will have been issued with a number).

  • Education and qualifications (either actual grades or predicted grades, if you are currently working towards your GCSEs or A levels).

  • Current and previous employment history.

Things to remember whilst completing your application form:-

  • Your application form is the first information we receive about you, would you like it to be perfect?

  • Think about your spelling, punctuation and grammar. The application form is you stating you would like to continue your learning and education, if there are errors, what does that say?

  • Think about what you are completing your application form on, yes it works on a phone, but is this the best way to show you are wanting to do something? Seeing the application form on a tablet, iPad, laptop or computer makes it easier to complete.

Completing your application form:-

General Information,

  • Enter the sector that you are interested in and any vacancy reference numbers relating to this sector that you would like to apply for, remembering that you only need to complete 1 form, but can give multiple numbers.

Your details

  • Complete all of the boxes, remembering your National Insurance number and as many contact details as possible.

Education Information

  • List all schools, colleges, universities or other training providers you have been to. Remember to click the save button after each one. (small square icon).

  • Qualifications - list each subject you have either received a grade for, or are working towards a grade for (predicted), inc. GCSEs, A Levels, BTECs Functional Skills, Degrees etc. Again, remember to click the save button after each one.

Employment History

  • Complete all the relevant information including your duties in the job role, think about any transferable skills you may have.

Health information

  • Is there anything we need to know? This information is for us to support you, whether at interview stage, helping to gain employment or whilst in employment, we cannot pass the details to an employer without your consent, but it helps us to put support in place should you require it.

Travel information

  • If you are receiving a lift or using public transport, have you thought about how you will get to work or training if they are unavailable?

Additional Information

  • What are your interests and hobbies? This section is passed to an employer as part of your profile (our version of a CV, discussed during interview with you) please give as much detail as possible.

  • Why would you like to gain the apprenticeship you have applied for? What is it about that sector that makes you want to work in it? Is there anything you maybe want to avoid?

  • What have you done or achieved that you are proud of? This doesn't have to be school based, but it can be. It maybe something that you didn't think you could do, or it could be something that took a lot of work, but you got there in the end. This is for you, there are no right or wrong answers here.

  • 3 words or phrases to describe your personality, think carefully, these words will be added to your profile. If you are unsure what you would use, ask a relative or friend for words they would use.

  • Information to support your application, think of this as your personal statement on a CV. What else can you tell us about yourself? Is there anything you have done that will support your application, maybe some work experience?

Criminal Convictions

  • Please be honest, if you require a DBS check for a particular role, it may show up.


  • Once you have electronically signed your application form, check back over it. Please use the back button at the bottom of the page, not the back button on the computer. Are you happy with what you have written? Is your spelling, punctuation and grammar okay? Do you need to get someone else to read over before finishing? Once you click finish, it is sent to us and you can't change anything.

Please Note - Any further correspondence from RWP, including confirmation we have received your application, will be in the form of an email. If you don't receive an email within 5 working days, please check your spam folder. Thank you.

Please Note:-

** We no longer work in the Lancashire Area **

** We no longer offer Health and Social Care Apprenticeships in Cumbria **

If you are having any difficulties with our application form and you are unsure if we have received your application form please contact including your full name and we will confirm if we have your application. Thank you.

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