About RWP Training

RWP Training Limited is a local, family owned company, which was established by the current owners in September 1993.

Our core business is the provision of apprenticeship training to anyone aged 16 and above in Cumbria. We also provide NVQ only programmes through Adult Skills Funding and Commercial Training to anyone who is employed and aged 19 or over.

Our programmes are designed to ensure regular contact with our highly-qualified Training Advisors who will support the apprentice throughout their qualification, provide frequent progress reviews and feedback on their performance. We also provide workshops tailored to the programme requirements, which help develop the learner’s knowledge and skills.

About Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is a work-based training programme, which enables anyone over the age of 16 to earn while they learn as they will develop new skills and achieve nationally recognised qualifications whilst at work.

It is a three way partnership where the apprentice, employer and RWP work together to provide the apprentice with the most suitable opportunities for learning.

The apprentice must be employed status and will attend our training centre on a day release basis to develop their knowledge through off-the-job training. They will also receive training in the workplace which is known as on-the-job training. We currently offer apprenticeships in the following areas:

Working with Young People

Young people aged 16-18 are entitled to full funding from the Skills Funding Agency if their employer employs less than 50 employees and has an annual pay bill below 3 million. All applicants are interviewed by our Recruitment Team and will undertake a series of short assessments to enable us to prepare a CV to send to employers.

Working with Adults

Adults over the age of 19 are not entitled to full funding for the apprenticeship. This means our adult learners are only entitled to partial funding, which means their employer will be expected to make a contribution towards their training. Depending on the number of employers the employer employs and what the annual pay bill equate to will depend on how the apprenticeship is funded.

Working with Employers

We support employers wishing to take on a new apprentice or develop the skills of existing members of staff. We carry out the initial recruitment process, deliver the training and monitor the candidates ongoing performance.

If you require any further information on any of our training programmes please contact our Recruitment Team.