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Employers with New Employees FAQ

Apprenticeships Frequently Asked Questions, by employers, about new employees

Employer with Existing Employees

If you want to upskill your current workforce through the use of governemt-funded Apprenticeships please see the Employers with Existing Employees FAQ.

Employers with New Employees FAQ

  1. How long does the Apprenticeship last?

    Apprenticeships can take from 12 to 22 months to complete, dependent on the sector.

  2. What will the Apprenticeship cost?

    You will be expected to employ the apprentice and pay an appropriate wage of £3.50 per hour . Our recruitment team will be happy to advise you on wage structures for new employees. There will be no cost for the training for 16-18 year olds as this is funded in full by the Skills Funding Agency. Employers are expected to make a contribution for those aged 19 and above.

  3. How much work will be involved for my staff?

    The employer should not be faced with any more work than that they would give any new employee. They will be expected to give the new apprentice a thorough induction at the start of their training and be available to answer questions during the early stages of employment. We will expect each employer to appoint a named 'Workplace Mentor'. The Workplace Mentor will be responsible for providing day to day guidance to the apprentice during their time on programme, spending about five minutes every two – three weeks when our Training Advisor visits the apprentice to carry out assessment and meeting with the Training Advisor for about 15 - 30 minutes every 10 weeks to review their progress.

  4. How long will the apprentice be away for off-the-job training?

    Generally the apprentice will be required to attend our training centre for  off-the-job training one day every two weeks during the programme, depending on the subject and level of study. If the apprentice needs to complete functional skills they may be asked to attend more frequently. The employer must be able to evidence any additional training that is undertaken as government guidelines state each learner must complete 20% off-the-job training while completing their qualification.

  5. Will we be required to deliver any of the training?

    Much of the informal learning will take place during their time in employer working with their colleagues and the children. Formal, planned and structured learning will delivered by RWP when the apprentice attends their off-the-job training sessions one day every two weeks.

  6. Who employs the apprentice during their Apprenticeship?

    All the apprentices will be employed by you the employer.

  7. Will I be able to choose the apprentice?

    All applicants are interviewed by RWP Training prior to undertaking a comprehensive initial assessment. Learner profiles (CVs) will be sent to you so you can choose which ones are suitable and advise who you would like to interview. You will decide who you wish to appoint.

  8. If we know someone or already employ a young person, can we register them on the Apprenticeship programme?

    The programme is open to any young person aged 16+ who meets the minimum entry requirements.

  9. Can I pay more than the minimum £3.50 per hour?

    Yes, you can pay the apprentice a greater amount. Apprentices aged 16 – 18 are exempt of the minimum wage but apprentices aged 19 and above qualify for the minimum wage after the first twelve months of their Apprenticeship.

  10. Will I be required to employ the apprentice when they complete their Apprenticeship?

    If you have given the apprentice a permanent contract then yes. Usually the contract of employment is set for the duration of the apprenticeship. Then subject to satisfactory performance will depend on whether they are offered a permanent position after the Apprenticeship. 

  11. Is there much paperwork or administration involved?

    At the start of the programme, there will be a number of forms to complete prior to taking on the apprentice. Staff from RWP will be available to help guide you through the process.

  12. Will visiting Tutors / Assessors be DBS checked?

    Yes, all staff employed by RWP Training have been DBS checked prior to employment.