Jemma Jones - Youth Work Apprenticeship Testimonial

"I decided to do a Youth Work Apprenticeship because I wanted to get into this type of work and thought this was the best way to gain my qualifications..."

My Background

I decided to do a Youth Work apprenticeship because I wanted to get in to this type of work and thought this was the best way to gain my qualifications I needed to go further. I am an apprentice with Young Cumbria, where I spent most of my time as a young person living at the Foyer in Penrith. I have a good understanding of the young people they work with having faced many difficulties in my own life. My motivation to learn stems down to wanting to give something back, I have grown up in Penrith and understand there are limited opportunities for Young People.

Jemma Jones - Age: 20

Job: Youth Worker at Young Cumbria

Training Provider: RWP Training Limited, Cumbria

What I learned

The most important thing I have learned since starting with Young Cumbria is actually about me and the way I was leading my life and the choices I made which weren't always the right choices. I have learnt a lot about the person I have became and I am proud of how I turned out and now I can use my experiences and knowledge in helping other young people to make better choices with their lives.

Best bits

The best bits about my job and the training is meeting new people, sharing experiences and working with the young people. I learn something new every day from young people and its never the same which keeps my job interesting.


I would definitely recommend this course to any one who enjoys working with young people, RWP have been great and very welcoming and helpful and anything I am unsure of I can contact my assessor.


In the future I see myself as a counsellor or a key worker working with young people age 16 to 24. I think the job would be ideal for me and the support I could offer young people given my own experience. Working with Young People is my ambition. I want to be the best I can at my job and I am always eager to learn more.