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Learner Apprenticeship FAQ

Frequently asked questions, by learners, about Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship FAQ by Learners

  1. What is an Apprenticeship?

    An apprenticeship is a programme for anyone aged 16 and above. It enables you to develop new skills and achieve nationally recognised qualifications, while at work. You must be employed status – but we can help you find an employer.You will attend RWP Training once a fortnight to develop your knowledge, which we call off-the-job training. On-the job training is the learning and training you will receive whilst in your workplace.It is a three way partnership where you, the employer and RWP work together to provide you with the most suitable opportunities for learning.
  2. What qualifications will I get?

    You will be working towards a Certificate, or Diploma at Level 2 or Level 3 and Functional Skills at level 1 or Level 2. For some programmes, there are also additional qualifications which you can obtain.
  3. What types of Apprenticeship do you offer?

    We offer Apprenticeships in Business Administration; Customer Service; Child Care; Hair Professional; Adult Care Worker ; and Teaching Assistants. Our recruitment team will be able to advise you which is the most appropriate level of qualification for you to follow.

  4. How do I find an employer?

    Our Recruitment Team are responsible for the on-going recruitment of employers wishing to employ an apprentice, so we have a supply of employers at all times. Vacancies for apprenticeships can be found on our website. We also encourage all our learners to conduct their own job search options. 

    Alternatively, if you are already in employment and you wish to gain a qualification our Recruitment Team will happily discuss the options with your employer.

  5. What do I do?

    You will need to contact RWP Recruitment Team on Cumbria: 01228 593 446  for an application form or you can collect one from your local Inspira office. You can also download a copy direct from our website: or you can apply online. Upon receipt of your completed application form you will be invited to attend an Initial Assessment and informal interview relevant to the occupational area. This ensures our Recruitment Team match you with the most suitable employer.
  6. Will I get paid?

    Yes - your employer will pay £3.50 per hour which is the appropriate wage for an apprentice.  There will be no cost for the training for 16-18 year old as this is funded in full by the Skills Funding Agency if the employer employs under 50 employees and does not have an annual pay bill of 3 million or more. Employers are expected to make a contribution for those aged 19 and above.
  7. How long will the Apprenticeship Take?

    The length of the apprenticeship depends on the occupational area and your age at the start of the programme, but typically, can take between 12 –24 months. Again, our Recruitment Team will advise specific timings for your occupational area. Some apprentices may complete earlier depending on their aptitude and the support given by their employers. 
  8. How do  QCF Certificate and Diplomas (NVQs) relate to other qualifications?

    There are five levels of Certificates and Diplomas:

    • Level 1 is equivalent to 5 GCSEs at grades D-G
    • Level 2 is equivalent to 5 GCSEs at grades A-C
    • Level 3 is equivalent to 2 A levels/1 vocational A level

For even more information, please see the flyers below:

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